Major announcement

It has been more than 60 years since STT was in service. Hereby, we would like to express our

utmost gratitude to you all. We couldn’t have achieved such a miracle without your participation.

The applications of machines manufactured by STT have spanned across numerous industries such

as dyeing industry, non-woven, petrochemical, composite materials....etc.,

Not only did we witness the takeoff of global economy, but also the rise and fall of various industries against the tide of industrial evolution.

Corporates constantly seek new venture opportunities and experimenting new business models to ensure the survival of themself in such a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment.

Without exception, bold steps must be taken by STT to secure the existence of itself for the next decade. Hence, in year 2018, STT decided to spin-off it's very core business of machinery manufacturing, and established  " SHiAW MACHINERY CO., LTD. “ to take charge of it. 

Further more, STT will mobilize its resources and gradually shifting its main focus to assets

utilization, new venture incubation and cross-field integration and collaboration.

Now the baton has been passed on to SHiAW MACHINERY, and we believe it will continue to

server our customers with uncompromised proficiency and enthusiasm as we always did.

Your continuous support for SHiAW MACHINERY will be regarded as a confirmation to our past efforts and we thank you again for it. Finally STT and Shiaw Machinery wish your esteemed
company and staff a very prosperous future to come.
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